My name is Jack Chan.

I'm 51 years old, married with one daughter.

I've been an investor for thirty years, buying my first stock at age nineteen. I've been using technical analysis since 1997, and the bull market of the late 90's made me money despite making blatant mistakes. Year 2000 was very challenging, as the new bear market made buying the dips very unprofitable. As a result, my trading model became more polished, and risk management which was non existent has now become top priority. Since 2001, I've been averaging an annual ROI (return on investment) of 30%, without a losing year. My focus was on the gold and tech sector, with the energy sector being added in early 2005. Through the use of ETFs and funds, we have eliminated the daunting task of studying company fundamentals, and suffer no surprises during earnings seasons.

I began sharing my trading model with a few like minded fellow traders in 2001, and the circle began to grow. The teaching and mentoring became a full time job, and by late 2003, I had to leave my family business and launched my advisory service in early 2004. The rest is history, as thousands of active traders and investors around the world are now benefitting from our unprecedented and unmatched service. Welcome to our family of traders and investors.

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Since you had taught us how to calculate signals and risks I was able to see that the set up was not accurate and avoid what turned out to be a bad trade. Because you fully teach us your system and how you think we can make our own calls on what to do with our money. Anyone who would ask for more than this has unrealistic expectations about financial writers, coaches, and advisors. I greatly appreciate your guidance.  

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