My name is Jack Chan.

I'm in my 50s, married with one daughter.

After having lived in Canada for forty years, I have relocated to the Pacific island of Formosa in the past few years, enjoying the paradise life style and involving myself in community service and volunteer work.

I bought my first stock at 19, and began studying the markets from books and seminars. I began applying technical analysis in 1997, which has helped me even more in managing my own money and others who listened.

I went online in 1999, and by 2003 the circle has grown so much that I was spending hours everyday answering emails and sending out updates. A decision was made to leave my family business and started my own advisory service.

I am proud to admit that I am a big fan of Warren Buffett, and have followed his two rules of investing for most of my career.

Rule #1 - never lose money.

Rule #2 - never forget rule #1.

Most folks in the business only pay lip service to these two rules, but as people around me know that I live by them.

Our long term "stocks/bonds" model has helped me and others to sidestep the global financial disasters in 2000, and again in 2008. I have no doubt it will alert us again before the next catastrophe strikes.

We have only one service for all subscribers. The cost is a buck a day.

No bull, no fluff, and no noise.

We send out daily updates of the markets to stay in touch.

We send out weekend updates and analysis of the markets.

I also let you look over my shoulder as to when and what I am buying or selling, by sending email alerts to your mailboxes in real time.

You have unlimited email support from me personally, 24/7.

Looking forward to sharing and learning with you.

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Our simple trading model
by Jack Chan.

The Psychology of Trading
by Dr John Doyle.

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Our subscribers say:

Jack, When you issued a major sell signal on the broad market early this year, I switched all my funds into money markets and bonds. That decision was one of the best investment decisions I’ve made in a long time, had I not done that, I would be down over 30%. I will not make a move until you give us a major buy again, whenever that may be. Thank you so much.  

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