I have to admit, that I am a huge fan of your work, never miss a day reading your analysis, even, when I am totally at odds with you.

Best example is FCX, when you first bought it, I was just about to go short FCX, instead , I bought 1000 shares just to tag along with you, with one Caveat, that I average down and hold it for long term. Between 10-11 $ I bought 2000 shares more, meanwhile I am kicking myself that, I did not go with my own analysis to short FCX in the first place!

In March when it got to 5 $, For money management purposes ( as you put it nicely!), could not add to the position. So just like you, I waited. When a couple of months ago, at about 13 $, I saw the first sign of topping , I sold the entire 3000 shares at breakeven , it went down a bit and reversed, but I did not jump back, and watched it, and you holding it and price doubled. Your analysis and trading are simple ( I like it) and efficient at the same time.

I have been doing technical analysis in trading Oil and Gold, since 1984, In the 80's I was doing 3 million bbs daily of Crude oil, gasoline and heating oil, and hundreds of contract in Nymex every day.

I retired in 1991, at the top of my game and have my personal account to trade since, and I, very rarely find anyone worth complimenting!

Keep on doing what you have been doing.

Best Regards J.S. ( Ph.D.)

It's been a while but wanted to reach out to you in thanks. My father and I followed you for many years, and subscribed too.

He passed away recently comfortably at home surrounded by family. (I will miss him and my son dearly. They were my running mates. )

The reason I reached out to you is because of your help in securing / growing his nest egg during his last decade of life.

While not wealthy, he did sleep well his final few years knowing, through your help, he would leave my mom financially stable and also leave a little left over for the grandkids.

Many thanks to you and your good spirited, trusted help.

Peace to you and your family.

Regards, P.M.

At the end of 2008, I was in the same situation that I've seen others of your subscribers describe. I lost 28% of my retirement money in '08. Quite a bit was in gold stocks.

By mid February this year, I had become a subscriber and did the following. I set up a "Jack Chan style" traders log for all but a few core holdings. I set the entry prices to the closing prices as of 12/31/08 to eliminate the emotions I associated with the paper losses at that point. In other words, I accepted the loss at that point. I set stop orders for each stock at the most recent reversal, and moved them up for the stocks that went up. At the same time, I allocated 20% of my total to follow your trades.

The result is that, at mid year, my portfolio is up 13% for the year, while I've raised my cash position from 42% to 80%. I've become more disciplined and have more money to allocate to your recommendations, as they come along.

I've learned a lot from you. Thanks much.


JC, I cannot thank you enough for your disciplined approach and your constant guidance. My family and I are grateful that our life savings have escaped this year’s collapse unscathed. Keep up the good work.


Mr Chan,
Being heavily invested in China/HK these past few years, I took heed on your advice last Nov and began to lighten up on my exposure. I cannot imagine what my state of mental capacity would be right now had I stayed fully invested. Your caring nature and untiring support is uncommon in the business, and I cannot thank you enough for your constant guidance. Your service is unmatched.


I did take your advice and tightened stops on my gold stocks which I’ve been accumulating since 2001. Had I not been stopped out, my portfolio would be down over 50%. For an investor like me, buying is not the problem, selling is. Thank you for your great service and mentoring.

John S.

Jack, When you issued a major sell signal on the broad market early this year, I switched all my funds into money markets and bonds. That decision was one of the best investment decisions I’ve made in a long time, had I not done that, I would be down over 30%. I will not make a move until you give us a major buy again, whenever that may be. Thank you so much.

JC, your discipline to stand aside during very challenging market conditions is commendable and admirable. Folks should take some time off and walk away from the monitors. Capital preservation, right on.

I am glad that I stayed with your recommendations, especially avoiding gold stocks this summer. Cash is certainly not trash, please keep up the great work.

Ted D.

Since your major sell signal on the broad market early this year, I’ve been mostly in money markets collecting 3%. Best thing I did was to unload my gold stocks when they were on average 50% higher. I can handle it if I miss the next gold train, but I cannot afford to see my net worth shrunk by 50% so close to my retirement. Your disciplined approach to the markets fits my plan very well, thank you.


Jack, After your message today, I called my broker and referenced another member’s fill at 35.65. After a few minutes of back and forth, he finally agreed to adjust my fill price! That is totally amazing. It hurts thinking of the thousands and thousands of dollars I have lost due to poor fills over the years. THANK YOU. Your service is truly one of a kind.


Jack, Once I started doing that (following your trades to a "t") and maintaining the stops, I started to cut my losses dramatically. And since doing so, I am in the black nicely. I am also not following all these other "gurus" who really think they can second guess the market...ps they can't. Thanks for the excellent service too.


Since you had taught us how to calculate signals and risks I was able to see that the set up was not accurate and avoid what turned out to be a bad trade. Because you fully teach us your system and how you think we can make our own calls on what to do with our money.  Anyone who would ask for more than this has unrealistic expectations about financial writers, coaches, and advisors. I greatly appreciate your guidance.

I wished I found your service a year ago. I’ve been buying and holding most of my life. The sharp correction in 2001/2002 and the subsequent recovery has convinced me that buying and holding was the way to go. But the collapse this year has wiped out half of my net worth, and you are correct, I am now back to where I was ten years ago.

I really must write just to let you know how much I value your work and your way of looking at the market.  Like many others, I dithered when we got the major sell signal because another advisor who uses Dow Theory was waiting till the transports confirmed the Dow low before calling a bear market.  Well I waited and by the time the transports confirmed I was 40% down.  It has taken this amount of pain for me to see the light but I am now seeing it. 

Your commentary on the people you met in china has been particularly timely and incisive. It is because of this and your consistently disciplined approach that I have taken my finger off the trigger and settled down to conserve my capital, possibly for years, until you call another major buy signal.  Please keep on doing what you do.  I'll happily pay your subscription just to be told for the foreseeable future that it's not the time to be getting into the market.

You're probably getting a bunch of sour emails right now with these volatile markets so I thought I'd send you some praise.  Your approach and systems are awesome.  You let us know when there are buy signals, you let us know the risks, you tell us what you think of the risks, and then you leave it to us to decide. You also teach us how to calculate the signals and risks ourselves, and we can check behind you.

& Profitable

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